Digital Fraud is Big Business

Expand your cloud offering with a Counter Fraud approach

Drive Your Enterprise Cloud Business

License NBrella Patents and IP

Cloud Counter Fraud

Expand and protect your Cloud Counter Fraud initiatives by licensing a solid offensive/defensive approach.

Intellectual Property

Broad, foundational patents (granted) and pending/continuations available for licensing. + Trademarks.

Expand Your Current Offering

Your Enterprise Cloud Customer Enjoys

Data Protection

The Surveillance Camera for Big Data

Proper Auditability, and More

Cloud Audit Platform combined with a backup system

Fraud Protection

A system for Big Data Archiving and Analytics to counter Fraud and Financial Crime

With Indelible Sync® Technology

Detect & prevent fraud and data tampering via monitoring and comparison of data at different moments in time; Recovery of computer data;                                                                                      Result?  Data security for organizations.

Gartner / Forrester analysts like this new, holistic approach to GRC

“The value prop makes absolute sense.”

“Backup with Audit – this is huge.”

Increasingly Important Use Cases in

Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare and Government

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    Michael Price, Product Developer

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    Member, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)


    US: 8,805,925
    Issued August 12, 2014
    Continuations and patents pending

    Australia: 2010321712
    International patents pending

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